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More Info about me

I have been working in psychotherapy and counselling for over 12 years.


My clinical background encompasses both the private mental health sector, and the NHS Mental Health Trust, working both in individual and couples therapy, and includes working in therapeutic communities. I have also worked for mental health charities and as a CBT Therapist in the NHS, so I have seen a diverse range of clients from many differing backgrounds and cultures, and worked with a wide range of presenting problems throughout my career.

My previous executive corporate career in Microsoft UK and my MBA from INSEAD Business School have also given me much insight into the high levels of stress, and the weight of expectations, that many people experience in their day-to-day working lives, and the effects that this can have on their relationships both in and out of work, and on their health in general. Hence, I also maintain strong connections with other medical and mental health specialists, complementary practitioners, and professionals from the business sector.

I work integratively, meaning that I am able to draw on many different elements of psychotherapy in order to tailor the therapy to each individual’s needs. By working this way, the whole of my attention is on you as a person and what your needs may be at that particular moment, rather than on following a set of pre-determined steps.


I have an easy, sensitive, relational approach, and I work very much in collaboration with each individual. I focus on each client’s present difficulties against a background of their past, looking specifically at their early relationships and environments, and helping them to create links between their past and their present to bring about understanding of why the difficulties they are experiencing may have occurred.


I am experienced in weaving CBT and more cognitive elements into the therapy and find that the integration of all these elements of therapy, used appropriately, can make for a life-changing experience for each client, whether the work is short-term (up to 12 sessions), or open-ended.

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