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Why therapy?

It can helpful in times of crisis or when life feels particularly difficult, but is also a way of helping you to get to know yourself better and determine what you really want out of life. 

After a sad or difficult event or period it is usual to feel down, and much of the time these feelings will pass naturally and in their own time. Therapy may not be necessary right away, but if you feel stuck and unable to move on, or if you feel alone and want more space to talk about how you are feeling and what happened, then it may be worth considering therapy.

Therapy can also help if you are struggling with life changes and transitions, or if it is becoming difficult to cope with everyday life. Some people seek therapy due to feeling depressed, anxious or overly stressed, while sometimes people feel a bit lost and want to explore who they are and what they want out of life in a bit more depth. Perhaps things that happened in the past are resurfacing and affecting every day life today, and it is becoming difficult to separate out the past and the present.

It may be that you are concerned about drinking heavily, drug-taking, internet use, under- or over-eating, hurting yourself, disliking yourself, not going into work, apathy, insomnia, and seemingly unexplainable irritation, frustration and anger. Therapy can help get to the root of behaviours and feelings and develop a greater understanding of why we behave as we do, which is the first step towards changing things.

Some people who come to therapy worry that their problems aren’t significant enough, and that they shouldn’t be seeking help. This is not the case. If you need to talk, then I am here to listen.

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